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At Cedarhaven Performance Horses, Jim and Teresa Groesbeck believe training begins with an understanding of each individual horse. Jim and Titan

Jim's professional strengths lie in starting young horses for any discipline, and showing reiners and stock horses.

Jim has an innate understanding of the horse's psyche, and he draws on that talent when working with horses. His horses learn respect and discipline, as well as trust and a willing desire to please.

Each horse's natural talents are developed to produce a supple and athletic partner. Versatile horses are the direction of the future. After all, any horse that can "turn its hoof" to multiple disciplines has greater value to more people.

Jim has been starting young horses for 22 years in many disciplines, has studied with well-known trainers, and has trained a wide variety of horses from national-level champions to family riding horses. While Jim is well known for his demonstrations in which he starts a horse and in 45 minutes rides it for the first time, he would rather take his cues from the horse in a less demanding time frame, letting the horse's aptitude and age set the pace for each day's work.


Full training

$ 700.00

6x weekly

Half training

$ 550.00

3x weekly

Board w/lessons

$ 400.00

1x weekly

Full and half training include feed, turnout, and grooming when exercised.
Fees are subject to change with 30 days' notice.

We're always happy to show Cedarhaven's facilities to owners and riders, and to provide more information about our training and boarding schedules. Please feel free to call 916.687.6884 for an appointment.